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Attractions and Activities


4: Wat
7: City Pillar
14: Wat Nam Lan
15: Wat Sri Chum
20: Pagoda
24: Wat Suan Dok



9: Songtheaw to Ko Kha


Vital Information


6: Post Office
10: Kasikorn Bank
12: Bangkok Bank
16: Krung Thai Bank
25: Thai Military Bank
39: Hotwave Internet
41: Police
44: Tourist Office
45: Internet cafe




11: School
22: Northern Hilltribes Handicrafts
37: Footbridge
42: Clocktower
43: Municipal Office




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Latitude, 18.290525

Longitude, 99.494233

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Bangkok airways operates 2 flights daily from Bangkok (morning and afternoon). The flight time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Train from Bangkok to Lampang takes about 10-12 hours. The overnight train is recommended! Bus from Bangkok to Lampang takes 8 hours. Day or night.

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Lampang has a considerable diversity of ancient beautiful Lanna arts, and historical sites combined with a simple life-style of the people

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